The Flower Show is an annual event held in Thekkady, usually during the summer months(April 1st to 30 th). The event showcases a variety of exotic and colorful flowers that are grown in the region. The show attracts visitors from all over the world, who come to witness the beauty of the flowers and to learn more about the flora of the region.

The Flower Show also features various competitions for flower arrangement and decoration, which are open to both amateurs and professionals. The event also provides a platform for local farmers and florists to showcase their products and network with potential buyers.

The event is organized by the Thekkady Horticulture mission and is usually held at the Flower show Grounds at Thekkady Lake Read. The Flower Show is a great opportunity for visitors to appreciate the natural beauty of Thekkady and to learn more about the rich flora of the region.

thekkay flower show

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